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When did you read your last time paper printed cookbook? Most of the people cannot recall this answer because of the digitalization of everything. No matter what you want to cook, all the solutions are on your mobile phone. Moreover, in some of the cases, this is more helpful than paper printed books or video tutorials. But you must need to have the proper application on your phone. On the web there you will have different recipes by ingredients apps but none of those are perfect from all the corners.

But still, there are some eligible exist for you. But depends on its presentation and content it can be paid or free. Anyway, here are some of those apps that you must be going to like.

Recipes by ingredients apps for mobile and tablet

What do most people want for a mobile app in their kitchen for cooking? Specialization, proper care of cooking, proper tutorial, tested cooking procedure, and what? We consider all the things and count the public review too before making the list. Let’s jump into it.


From the priority of cooking expectations, there are different types of recipes. Some are full of food value and some recipes have 100% priority on the deliciousness. If you look-up the deliciousness of the recipe, then you will have only fewer dedicated apps. Tasty is such of mobile application which is all about the delicious recipe and it contains more than 3 thousand items at the same time. The best part of the recipe app is, there you will have all the recipes with all easy steps.

Organizing recipes will help you to understand which you should cook for the dinner, festival and which should be an occasional recipe. On the same app, you will have video suggestions before everyone that you deserve. Its smart managing system will show you all the recipes, what you may like Depends on your activities.

No matter you are a vegan or not, all the possible recipes that you may like will be suggested to you. Measurement of ingredients will be available with an accurate point. An easy user interface where you can create and delete your account. On a different platform, it won an average of 4.6/5 rating because of its fluent UI and updated content.


People are getting confused about how much variation can be possible in cooking. You will be amazed after hearing that in SuperCook you will have more than 1 million recipes at the same time. You can choose, bookmark or anything. Even making a shopping list and pantry are also possible here. It has a powerful voice searching option which is also preferable.

It comes with a Fluent UI which is easy to understand. Easy to navigate and all the positioning of the menu and other things are also good. Because of the easy to using functionality, it has become one of the most favorite cooking applications on the web now. The impressive thing is this is free to use. But the advertisement placement in the SuperCook application is simply optimized. Its minimalist placement of the advertisement will not make any impact while you will use this.

On average it has 4.4 rating in all types of platforms, which is impressive. Besides that regular logical and content updates according to the user preference take the application to the next level. And don’t become awkward to install because of this 7MB application, where it is simply compactable with any type of device. Just once install this on your cell phone, and it will take 40-45% obligation of your kitchen and cooking.

Magic Fridge

This is too irritating when the cooking application does not mention saving ingredients according to the recipe. For that reason, you should try Magic Fridge at least once in your life. Here you will have the pre-selection feature which will reduce the level of waste. And who doesn’t want to have this type of economical application for their cooking and kitchen management?

You can keep all the information about your kitchen. Add or remove items of your kitchen. Even you can manage cooking items and make a group of ingredients for cooking. This you can consider as the preparation of cooking. Because it will take all the index that you have at your kitchen, and this is the reason when you choose any recipe it will mention what you should do more to prepare it. Interestingly there are more than 4000k different types of recipe from different nations and cultures. Maybe there are few mobile applications that have this massive cooking database.

Generally, we think the application will be pretty lackey if it will heavy in size. But interestingly if I need to talk about the UI of magic fridge you will have an awesome experience, even when it is more than 50 MB. The regular update makes more possibility to compactable with your device.

Yummly Recipes & Shopping List

People who take help from the web to cooking suggestions, they must know about Yummly. This is one of the oldest cooking guide and review websites. Now you can install their mobile apps which are more interactive and full of important features. Of course, there you will have more than 2 million of the recipe, and all of those are sorted by people rating.

According to your search, you will have the most expected suggestion on these apps. Each recipe is explained step by step which will help you to understand the cooking procedure. Easy to manage your profile and there you can bookmark your favorites, and save your desired item. Even if you want to consider diet, there you will have facilities too. Your grocery shopping list, available kitchen stuff, and all you can record on your app.

Allrecipes Dinner Spinner

If you want to have tons of recipes with a social community of cooking, then you must need to check Allrecipe dinner spinner. Unbelievably there are more than 30 million recipes that you can cook from home. Besides those there, you will have all the other social features and facilities. Like you can manage your contract there and send text messages to other users of this application. The most important thing is you can share there your observation too.

The user can organize his favorite collection. The shopping list and ingredients that have on your kitchen management feature is available. Along with the recipe, there are video tutorials too. The most interesting feature of this app is there are “I made it” option where all the people of this app will get to know that specific recipe is your creation. Improved search options will help you to find out the most relevant things regarding your search.

When this app was published for the first time It was not that dynamic. There were a lot of limitations. On regular updates, they add community, and sharing features. The easy profile and feed manager are available. all possible settings and user-friendly interface are also on it.

All Recipes Free

For those people who are new in cooking or they cook on occasion, it is too important to have such type of app that explains all the things easily. The All Recipe Free is such a type of mobile application that will explain all of its recipes step to step. The representation of all the recipes have does in two-phase. In the first phase, it mentions all of its ingredients and measurement. The second phase it’s all about its cooking description. 

Here you can manage your shopping list and a recipe box too. On the recipe box there you can keep all your favorite recipes. You can also have the freedom to post any entry about your self-made recipe. If it will pass up to mark then it will publish with your credit.

There is no in-app purchase type of burden. Using this is free and fluent. From the report of different major mobile app download platforms, it has 4.4 average ratings. Proper maintenance and by its regular update it becomes more user friendly. The interesting thing is you can use it while you are offline. Even when you will move online, it will synchronize all the data and update it on its own. 

All free Recipes

What do you want from a cookbook apps? Lots of recipes, proper measurement, shopping list, profile creation, and what more? Now I am presenting the All free recipe app which is a free mobile application system and there you will have all the things that you may want. Sound crazy? Personally, I like the presentation they are used to.

On this site, you will have more than 1 million recipes collected from the different regions of the world. On the updated version of this app there, you will have a video tutorial too along with the recipe. Here you can manage the shopping list. This depends on the index you are talking about your kitchen and what ingredient you need to buy on future cooking. You can manage your profile here and bookmark all the recipes that you may want to cook later.

From the user experience, you will have some beneficial parts like the dark theme to protect your eyes. It supports some themes too. None of the unwanted advertisements there. But to unlock all the premium recipes you need to pay a bit. For a searching feature, you will have 13 languages with native style.


There is less amount of community available on the web where you can share your cooking idea. I must say Cookpad is not only a mobile application. This is also a community and a huge idea. Of course, as the basic demand there you will have tons of home cooking solutions and tutorials. Besides that there you can share your cooking idea. And of course, on Cookpad you will also have cooking ideas for other people. You can share your opinion and can surf lots of other features. 

Some people take this as their secondary cooking application on their mobile phone to get new ideas and cooking inspirations. But if you want you can take this for only one cooking solution. There are a lot of people have already downloaded this as their primary cooking solution. Here you can add your recipe, manage your profile, and search for cooking ideas by multiple ingredients. Even here you can share your cooked recipe with what is already made.

The interface of the application is fluent and easy to understand. It accepts more than 60 languages. None of the unwanted and irritating advertisements will be there. It needs to pay a minimum cost to unlock any type of recipe for lifelong. More important thing is, its built-in such type of programming architecture where it is compactable with most of the device.


Having at least a hundred results regarding each search is a thing that can ensure few cooking and ingredient apps. Foodies are one of those apps. Even you can search there with local names of the recipe. In this app before choosing any recipe, you can check its likes, view, and its rating before opening it.

Its smart algorithm will recognize all the things you search. Then it will show its feed and suggestions depends on your search. I mean you will have all the recipes in front of your app that you may like. In fact, it will get an auto-complete ingredient name of search from the memory of your activities.

After having some updates this application is now able to perform faster and fluently. Regular content base updates make it richer and user friendly. And of course able to compact with 82% of the handset with the internet.

Features should have the recipe and ingredients apps

  • Smooth UI: this not only for the recipe apps but also for any purpose the user interface is too important. The application you are going to choose for your mobile phone, it should be faster and fluent. Any type of lack and bug will interrupt your cooking experience. At the same time, the user interface should be easy to understand.
  • Regular update: All the operating systems, no matter you are talking about the android or IOS, are getting updated all the time. Along with those updates, your applications should be updated. Older versions of any mobile application will drop any feature of your mobile phone. It must be updated regularly, even it’s content too.
  • Recipe review: It’s a benignant option for the application about recipes ingredients. It should have the review option regarding any type of recipe. Because it will help you to choose which you are going to get after watching its rating and review. Make sure your application has this feature.
  • Less or no ads: Advertisement is too annoying. None of the people will want to face this unexpected advertisement while they are cooking. A perfect recipe and cooking application must have smart advertisement placement. Unless it will be weary while you are cooking. Moreover, it will have no ads, then it must be more accepted.

People before 2000, know what the hassle was to have books in the kitchen. It can be wet or burn and of course, there is a problem that books were not updated. After breaking all the problems now we can use recipes by ingredients apps where all the things are updated. Even before choosing any recipe to cook, you can check reviews and comments. At the same time, you can check what world-class chefs are doing right now. Of course, this is a huge turn and it going to be a Potential future for us.

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