Best Hide Apps Launcher For Secure Your Applications

After searching on the app stores for the phone, there will be lots of launchers where each of them is trying to do the best performance. In a launcher, people need the function of hiding applications and decorations. Basically, the hide apps launcher allows you to hide some selected apps from the home screen. In that case, nobody will find or open the app without authorization. 

With security, the style and other aspects will be preferable. You can get many hide app launchers on different websites, but no one is perfect from all sides. The app will be free or paid depending on its appearance and content. Here I will show you some of those apps that you may be going to like.

Hide Apps Launcher for the users

The default launchers which are built into the smartphone, it does contain all the basic features. But people would like to replace it with what they like and have good features. Thinking after all the things and public reviews, we make this list of the best hide apps launcher. Let’s know about it.

1. Apex Launcher

Having a user-friendly, smoother, and easy customizing launcher is always a common demand for smartphone users. Security is also a great factor while using smartphones. For that purpose, the Apex launcher is one of the best hide apps launchers. It has ensured users’ privacy and security, which is the very first demand of people. both options to lock your app with a password or pattern are available. You can customize app lock mode as well as your lock time. 

The app lock helps your privacy protection when you need it. It unlocks different types of app drawer grid sizes and customizes your home screen. Apex Launcher helps with custom icons. Themes and labels for shortcuts and folders. It has the great efficiency of a dock scrollable system having up to 10 icons per page and till 5 pages. The launcher has infinite and elastic scrolling options for the dock, drawer, and home screen. You can choose a different folder for preview styles and backgrounds.

Key Quotes: The best thing is you will have a smooth, secure, and well-looking app launcher for free. Besides, its app drawer, home screen, and dock are fully customizable. 

2. APUS Launcher

Who doesn’t like to have a new look on his old phone without getting the system slow? Talking about the APUS Launcher, that will give you a stylish new look with an HD background and icons. Its boost system can clean your RAM and save your battery power, just with one tap. Every week you will get a brand-new home screen with more than 50000 free wallpaper collections. 

The app has an easy app hiding system and is secured also. When you swipe up on the home screen with your two fingers, it chooses the secret apps and sets your desired pattern or PIN both type passwords. Once you lock your apps, the app lock will ensure your privacy by locking your apps. You will be glad to know that it has supported 19 languages. One of the best things is, you will get the latest news and hot videos in a swipe. Smartly organized apps in the smart folder get you an organized interface and so on.

Key Quotes: In fine APUS is a tiny but productive launcher for mobile phones. After installing this tiny program, you will never need any cleaner app, wallpaper collection, and lockers. Besides including all those features this supports more than 19 languages on the current version.

3. U Launcher 3D Lite

If you are a lover of 3D Launcher for your mobile phone, this pick is for you. The U Launcher Lite gives you a fast and fluent user experience with different themes for your phone. Besides that all the latest new free wallpapers you will have for your mobile phone. in its database, there is more than 10000 wallpaper with 3D or 4D collection. 

An interesting thing is it updates its emoji too besides its wallpapers. Its Hiding feature and lock screens help to maintain your privacy. Maintaining smart management, it is easy to use and configured with a speed booster. They free up memory on your phone and save battery in one tap only from your home screen. You can search quickly between the search engine and internet browsing with lightning speed.

Key Quotes: Because of its tiny and lightweight site more than 10 million times it has been installed. Most of the smartphone is compatible with. It includes the speed booster and the collection of wallpaper. Each day it becomes rich because of its regular update.

4. Apolo Launcher

Only a few apps combine with elegance, capability, and flexibility. The Apolo Launcher is one of them. It allows users to customize their home screen behavior by changing the row or column numbers. Switching to its dark mode, you can make your phone a classy look. The most interesting feature of the launcher is the hide app system. If anyone takes your phone and searches just a glance, no one can get access to your hidden app without you. 

With the installation of this launcher, you will get access to a library of more than 350000 wallpapers and over 20 categories are obtainable to fulfill your needs like art, design, football, and so on. Once you install, the app will automatically install its booster system, which can free your RAM and expanded your phone autonomy with just a click. 3D weather widget system and also other customizable fun pages according to your desire add a different classification in this app.

Key Quotes: Apolo Launcher is a complete launcher pack and offers different types of customization options. Still, this is only 27M in size. Feedback of its user is extremely positive and optimized for both your phone and your tablet.

5. AUG Launcher

Now it is time to goodbye to your old launchers and tries a new launcher to get a new experience of drawing with your phone. AUG Launcher is the launcher, which is exclusive and has several interesting features. The most interesting feature is a gesture because just you need to draw a gesture on your phone screen and you will get your desired option. The package contains the launcher, app locker, and dialer which exits your phone contact. 

Among all excellent features, one is to present a secure wall between the phone owner and the guest. When the hidden apps are visible in the app drawer and the app system will not lock your apps when you are in OWNER mode. Its powerful app lock saves the memory of your RAM and ROM giving access to your beloved apps by a swipe only. Excepting hidden apps when in the GUEST mode, all the folders and the apps are shown alphabetically in horizontal or vertical mode. You can make a call by searching your phone contacts using gestures. 

Key Quotes: The app rating is above 4 though it offers users to customize highly and containing no advertisement, which makes you irritate-free. Though AUG Launcher is almost free, some features are locked but you will be glad to know that the file is very little in size of only 4.9M.

6. U Launcher 3D

Are you interested in theme apps or launcher apps? If you are a launcher apps lover, U Launcher 3D is especially for you. Designers choose the wallpapers and the theme launchers so that they could make U Launcher 3D one of the best launchers through the most beautiful themes. The user can download favorite wallpaper and themes as much as they can for free. 

The apps provide users customizing the home screen by choosing switch screens out of the different gesture transition effects. Personalization is very easy and provides users to customize the home screen. Hiding your apps from the home screen is as easy as expanding the screen with two fingers. The booster can free up your phone memory and phone battery in one tap from the home screen. U Launcher 3D keeps its app drawer clean, on the base of classifying automatically in categories, and allows us to search quickly when browsing the internet as well as search engines at the lightning speed.

Key Quotes: It provides more than 10000 3D free themes and has an impressive rating of 4.5. Though the size is 13M, it is installed over 5000000 times. If you are interested in getting a secure, 3D, stylish, latest, and user-friendly hide app launcher, you can try U Launcher 3D once.

7. X Launcher

Some people lead their life in simple ways and wish to have simple things, even if they are using launcher apps. X Launcher is flat in design and smooth in use, which is perfect for any version of the mobile phone. Because of using the latest design of OS, it has completely changed the presentation and the operating system. The launcher provides users extra special experience which is modern, classic but simple.

X Launcher presents users to customizing their old phones to look like OS 12. By swiping down, you can get the control center of setting brightness, Wi-Fi, volume, quickly taking photo options, and so on. Swipe up to get an app manager that helps find local apps which can be dropped to the desktop swiftly. Some elegant type widgets are shown on the left screen and also see the weather, time, and so on. The app user can customize icon settings in a wide range and you would not like to display hide apps in the launcher.

Key Quotes: X Launcher makes an elementary, classy look of easy customization system having a profound rating of 4.6 and the most impressive matter that the file size is only 4MB though the size varies with devices.

8. XOS Launcher 2020

Every launcher has its own appealing quality to satisfy users, XOS Launcher has also a smart and marvelous appearance to engage users. The app is highly customizable and the scrolling effect of the icon adds an interesting environment to your phone. With a wonderful setting system, anyone can choose a favorite among the plenty of wallpapers and themes. 

The user can preview the font easily by one click and get a stylish app contemporary with multiple accessibility and free installation. The app accepts its user to a customized Zero screen. Alphabetically arranged folders present you with a clean pleasant screen and also allow you to search globally hot words. It helps to lock your screen and bring a complete diagram to you.

Key Quotes: Organizing all the app depends on alphabetically sorting is possible on XOS Launcher. it has been installed moreover 50000000 times and has a 3 plus content rating. Nevertheless, containing 16M which is not small in size, has a rated superb rating of 4.6.

9. Cool Mi Launcher

Have you ever used Xiaomi or Redmi before? Cool Mi Launcher is like the MIUI launcher style, but the difference is this launcher has added more and more valuable features than the mentioned brands. The launcher makes your phone look like a new one after installation having over 1000 gorgeous wallpapers and also more than 500 cool style themes and offers several types of wallpaper. It supports almost all icon packs of play store, two fingers gestures, and folders in the drawer. 

App lock secures your privacy with a hiding app system that locks your hidden apps. Providing an animation effect calling system, round corner feature with trash cleaner and booster system make your phone a new environment. 3 types of color mode, 4 drawer style system, and 5 app categorizing can take this launcher at the top. It allows users to customize icon size, launcher grid, font system, and so on.

Key Quotes: The catchiest thing about the cool Mi launcher is its icon packs and its two-finger gesture. Besides that, there are app drawers supported. With average versions of the different operating systems, it is supported by the launcher with contains advertisements. It needs to pay an amount to use all the features.

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Features should have hide apps launcher

  • No ads or fewer ads: To monetize the platform, most of the case applications are used advertisements. But a perfect hind apps launcher should be properly optimized for its advertisement so that it will not become annoying.
  • File size should be small: The application has many features indeed, but the file should be small in size and more acceptable. Sometimes it can make your phone slower than before.
  • User experience: Most of the time after installing the app launcher the mobile phone becomes slower. Things have become lackey. Rather a perfect hide apps launcher should be properly optimized for your mobile phone. 


Nowadays most of the launchers have the same feeling with the same appearances. Anyway, there are always some unique customizable options in every launcher. Ignoring the problems, we can use the hide apps launcher which has fast, secure, and updated features. Before choosing any launcher app, always check comments and of course the reviews.

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